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poems and junk

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poems and junk Empty poems and junk

Post by chris_halo on Sun Aug 28, 2016 10:45 pm

i have started writing poems again.. seriously i'm like an AA member who keeps slipping up


here is a place i keep my newest poetry:

and i'll try to post my newest poem in this topic and then delete it when i have a new one

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poems and junk Empty Re: poems and junk

Post by chris_halo on Thu Mar 09, 2017 12:18 am


even Heaven has a gate
but It accepts the poor
the weak, the fragile
for them - They open the door

They don't push away because of descent
God doesn't discriminate
we congregate for the Heaven sent
saves "thems the breaks" when bent

yeah there's exceptions
yeah there's explanations
no irrigation for the seeds planted
misunderstood adaptation
now they're all exploitation

those weeds are now "prime examples" for a president's admiration
hate and lies in convoluted social media posts are sensations
replacing, superseding, and even oppressing the press
still on certain news outlets and television stations
headlines read: "rights revoked"
"no such thing as co-habitation - they want them gone"
troubles on the tip of foreign tongues
when they say, "alternative fact addresses..."
stop the presses!
without action, the cries for "what are we doing?!"
will soon become "what have we done?!"
and then history books will read of where we went wrong

so afraid of the unknown
yet so stubborn that they KNOW they are doing right
but freedom is deserved for all that call the land their own
God forbid those heathens in our home
so short sighted
clone after clone

love is deserved for everyone
reserved for everyone
you let the good in with the bad
but there are many more good and it's sad
setting an example for uncaring
a petri dish sample for the disease
God love them all, forgive our sins
(our leaders' sins and all that blindly follow them)
they don't understand
it's too far for them to comprehend
refugees are seeking asylum
but "the hell with them"

we'll continue fighting
who are we to turn them away?
i'm burning a candle, it is flickering but it is lighting
a path for the burdened and the so called "foresighted"
the ones that accept we all share the same values
we are lightning!
we are a light, the Divine is the way!

oh but the terrorists!
oh but the rapists!
drug smugglers, child murders, and magic show escapists!

there are so many
so many more
that have plenty in store!
so many with hearts
so many with wondrous souls

they may not be "americans"
but they are faces
they are human beings
they are human races
so why judge them on superficial basis
they have just as much rights as you!

pushing policy not case by case
but surmise their fate by the color of their face
deeming them humanity's outright disgraces
because their honest practices are mistaken by more than the few
afraid of the worst when most are undervalued
push them out and displace
shoot them at the sixth pace

this is what we face:

shame and shame again
on our beautiful motherland
poisoned pipelines
and natives denied
basic human rights
poisoned waters
at crosswalk signs

how i wonder
what does it mean
to be an executive
in absolute authority

signing orders into law
without a second
to see if it's the right call?
you take and take
and drink past last call
take over the bar
you say it's for us all
but keep it to yourself
and drink every last drop off the top shelf

oh the rich
oh the powerful
how we suffer
for a tower full
of injustice

i pray to God - i hope that will never be me
but they are my brothers and sisters
though my spirit is with them
my body has not walked in their shoes
my comfortable sneakers are not the same
i can only imagine the pain
they all walk with blisters
across borders away from soldiers
and we are turning refugees with no where to be
and with years and years before citizenship...
where are the immigrants supposed to go?
they can't stay here obviously
not with this nation's failing diplomacy
and they carry their families in tow
their spirits - the lowest of the low
where will they lay their head?
what will they use as their bed?
where will they call home?
and their thirst overwhelms
throats dry as a bone
no one helpful at the helm
no money to spend
yes, without dividend
so, please bless them
and pray for a Godsend
to cause their backs to mend
after carrying such a weight
don't hesitate
be irate!
they can't escape
and every person has a date
a date with death
so lets do our best
and show them that we are not willing to quell unrest
not suppress the silent but to love the people
the persons, the families, religious and the rest
the people - lest the test
and change the shitfest
of the detestable
the shameless residential
executive order signed -

extreme vetting
but are not helping
what are you pretending?
it's "us" who we are protecting
but who's protecting "them"?
we can't play king of the hill
we need to be on equal footing
because when the water comes...
we all float
or we all drown
always united
never divided
together and forever

God bless their plight
guide them home with Your light
this land was made for you and me and us
and that's what it ever should be
and it must
protest and fight for what's right
it is in sight
dear Lord! - freedom or bust!

Posts : 165
Join date : 2011-03-10
Age : 36

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Craft ID: Swordfish II
Type: Mercenary
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