jesus christ (terminator 5)

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jesus christ (terminator 5)

Post by NOT MONGO on Tue Apr 26, 2011 10:24 pm

unless arnold starts juicing again and can maybe look like stallone, then maybe. he should just let it go..

terminator 2 was a staple of my childhood. yes my friends mother was a moron and allowed 8-10 year olds to watch it but in retrospect, its not really that bad of a movie for kids.. t-3 was horrendous. and salvation? franchise has been in the wrong hands with shitty screenwriters and hack directors named McG. they should offer james cameron like 40% of profits for him to come back and make an epic movie (if they actually want to continue the series).. if you ask me, the story ended with judgement day. they stopped skynet when they blew up that building... but when you think about it, if they had stopped skynet, the t-800 would have disappeared or would have never came on the first place (which does beg the question: did they really stop skynet?). cameron's whole time travel logic is fucked.. anyways- fuck this
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