9/23/2012 Aftershock 2012 @ Discovery Park

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9/23/2012 Aftershock 2012 @ Discovery Park

Post by nuraman00 on Sun Oct 21, 2012 12:54 pm

I saw Theory Of A Deadman, Chevelle, Bush, Oleander, Deftones, and Stone Temple Pilots.

Theory Of A Deadman:

First time seeing them. They played for 30 minutes. They were good, but I wish they would have played "No Surprise" and/or "Nothing Could Come Between Us", as those are my two favorite songs by them.


I'd seen them once before, 4 years ago. They played for an hour. They sounded good.

They started off "The Red" acoustically, before getting the full band in. Pretty cool.

I enjoyed a deeper track such as "Forfeit".


They started off hit after hit. They put on a good show. I'd seen them once, last year. If you'll look at the drum kit, there's trolls set up on left side, right side, and bottom. Robin Goodridge had those last year too.

They played for an hour.

Gavin went out into the crowd for a song or two, while "Come Together" was played. Corey Britz (bassist) did the vocals at that point.

Gavin has done that before, both when I saw him with Bush, and on his solo tour a few years ago. So that appears to be a constant at his shows, that at some point he'll go out into the crowd and physically interact with them.


My first time seeing them. They were also good.

After they played "I Walk Alone", the singer said "try playing that in between Godsmack and Mudvayne, and you'll get stuff thrown at you". Lol.

They played for 40 minutes.


I'd seen them 3 prior times, but something about their live shows just hadn't clicked. In 2003, the bass was too overpowering. In 2009, 2010, the sound still could have been better.

This time, they sounded good. And, this was the first time I heard both "Digital Bath" and "Change (In the House of Flies)".

I missed them at the Warfield last week, but maybe I'll catch them if they come back again. I'm interested to see what I think of them doing a full setlist. And how much of their music I really like, as they have both a lot of songs I like, and some I just can't get into.

They played for 1 hour, 5 minutes.

I did check out their setlist and the Warfield, and I liked it, and they played for a long time. So maybe what I need is to see them headlining a show, rather then be a supporting act.

Stone Temple Pilots:

Before the show, I had hoped to hear "Lounge Fly", "Silvergun Superman", "Army Ants", and their cover of "Dancing Days".

They played none of those, but it didn't matter.

I heard some stuff for the first time like "Meatplow", "Tumble In The Rough", "No Memory" (even if I think it was just a recording), so that made it special.

Also, even though I think their self-titled album from 2 years ago is just ok, "Hickory Dichotomy" and "Between The Lines" still came off well live.

During the solo for "Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart", Scott alternated pointing at Eric and Dean. He would point at Eric for a few seconds, then switch to Dean. That was cool.

Scott also mentioned how the weather had been hot today, and how he was sweating. Dean then said while he wasn't visibly sweating, there might be something else that was sweating . . .Haha.

I believe it was after this exchange, that Scott said that he had been playing with these guys for 20 years, and sometimes he just knew where someone (Dean in this case) was going to take a conversation. He then laughed again.

Scott also pointed to the crowd and said he wanted some of the pizza that someone was having.

Scott put a hat on Dean during one of the songs, I was able to get a pic of that.

While I had seen the band twice prior, and they did sound good those times, this was the best I'd heard all of them sound together. The sound was perfect. The guitar riffs really sounded good during "The Big Empty" and "Hickory Dichotomy". And Scott's vocals were great.

You'll also notice that they all bowed together at the end. I remember they did that when I saw them in 2008 also. I don't remember if they did that in 2009.

They didn't start playing until 8:50, and I was definitely tired at that point, having been mostly standing since 1pm. And they only ended up playing for 1 hour.

But despite the shortened setlist, and them not playing as long as they were supposed to, they sounded great and played songs I hadn't heard live before, so I was happy.




Theory Of A Deadman

Not Meant to Be
So Happy
Bitch Came Back
Hate My Life
Bad Girlfriend


Sleep Apnea
Hats Off to the Bull
I Get It
The Meddler
Send the Pain Below
The Clincher
Another Know It All
The Red
Face to the Floor


All My Life
The Chemicals Between Us
The Sound of Winter
Everything Zen
Come Together (The Beatles cover)
Little Things


Not sure, any help would be appreciated.

Don't remember the order but they played "Down When I'm Loaded", "Are You There?", "Unwind", "I Walk Alone", "Why I'm Here", and "Stupid". I think there were 2-3 more songs.


Rocket Skates
Diamond Eyes
Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
My Own Summer (Shove It)
Digital Bath
You've Seen the Butcher
Bloody Cape
Fireal (First part only)
Engine No. 9
Change (In the House of Flies)
7 Words

Stone Temple Pilots:

1. No Memory
2. Sin
3. Vasoline
4. Crackerman
5. Hickory Dichotomy
6. Meatplow
7. Big Empty
8. Between the Lines
9. Interstate Love Song
10. Plush
11. Tumble in the Rough
12. Big Bang Baby
13. Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart
14. Unglued
15. Sex Type Thing

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