Hip Hop stuff I wrote

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Hip Hop stuff I wrote

Post by Before on Fri Jul 15, 2011 5:41 am

Hey guys it's B4. Been writing, been playing music and so on. I have a site where all my poems are stored under the name "Mellow D's."


Let me know if you guys have any comments. I would definitely like to hear them and I will post a new one in here at some point fairly soon.


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Re: Hip Hop stuff I wrote

Post by chris_halo on Sat Jul 16, 2011 12:43 am

i liked

Should these calloused hands be empty?
Do I need a beating?
Will these pruning hands deceive me?
This Universe is in me.

from This Whitest Purse

These tears are making my face numb.
Put this in your arm.
Trust me, you'll love it.
You'll have Tesla coming out of every orifice.
Dancing physics, matryoshkas.


We're Replicants.
We boot up, we shut down, we most definitely restart.
Viruses make us sick and sometimes break us to the point where we need new hardware.
Sometimes they break our firmware and we need to wipe.
We have command lines to perform actions, and registry keys to keep memory stored of the things we learn.
The world is our power supply,
and when we boot up in safe mode,

we only use the bare minimum of our potential.

from cyborg

i haven't read any other's yet but i'll come back and leave more thoughts

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